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Challenges in TB diagnostics

Tuberculosis has been a disease touching almost all parts of the globe since ages. Many efforts or strategies came in the past for improving diagnosis and treatment.  An effective vaccine has been desired after for long. With the emergence of resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and complexities emerging due to various associated infections and disease conditions, there is a furious need for further research in the field. Be it the better medication and care or better resistance management, proper diagnostics holds the key to success. It has been observed that a huge burden of the disease was accompanied by poor research set-up and resource limitations. The scenario was the same for several decades. With the renewed vision of funding agencies and resourceful countries, funding has been provided in many areas of research in tuberculosis detection and treatment. 

  • Testing and Development of new drugs, with shorter durations of treatment
  • Improvement for cheap, easily applied diagnostic methods
  • Prospects for new antitubercular agents and vaccines
  • Prevention of risk factors and side effects
  • Drug resistant Tuberculosis
  • Public health
  • Noble targets

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