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Surveillance and Tracking of Drug-Resistant TB

 Surveillance and Tracking of Drug-Resistant TB Photo

Surveillance and tracking of drug-resistant TB promotes in understanding the overall concern of the disease and can inform research and use in diagnosis, treatment, and infection control. In South Africa, speakers at the symposium described various approaches being taken to advance the tracking of drug-resistant TB. The first section reviews the purpose of genetic fingerprinting methodologies to understand the physiology and genotype of various drug-resistant TB strains found throughout the globe. The second section describes a clinical screening strategy that has been produced to enhance TB case finding. The final section directs the need to increase laboratory capacity. A strengthened information base for TB laboratories could support the diagnosis and treatment of drug-resistant TB. Improved case finding requires improved planning and evaluation, as well as regular, global surveillance for drug-resistant TB. A HIV clinical record combined with a simple TB screening application and routine HIV care aspects can lead to improved tracking and can be beneficial for quality and continuity of care.

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